5 ways to maximize the curb appeal of your home!

What is Curb appeal? Curb appeal is what makes your home stand out from the rest. It can totally transform the beauty of your home. As landscape professionals, we can help you maximize your home’s potential. Although it may sound complicated to achieve the perfect design, it really isn’t and you will see how exactly how simple it can actually be. Here at Milton Stone we love to take part in creating the most beautiful landscaping projects in and around Milton, so In this blog we will share the five best ways to maximize the curb appeal of your home. Also, read until the end for a BONUS TIP!

A clean front yard and landscaping in good condition are by far two of the most important elements in making your property more attractive. In addition to enhancing its appearance, it reflects the way your property is maintained.

Home Entrance and Walkways: No matter what your design tastes are, Milton Stone can transform it into a reality! Since we have a huge selection of designs, styles and materials, we can create the entrance and driveway of your dreams. While pure and modern lines remain the predominant trend, we expect a strong craze for new materials this year.

Turf: A well maintained turf is always attractive, in addition to giving a neat appearance to your property, the fragrance of a rich and abundant lawn is an economical way to refresh the appearance of your property.

Garden areas: Whether you prefer shrubs and hedges or you want the total works like cut trees, flowers or special plants, Milton Stone can take care of it for you. This season, we anticipate that plants and trees will have the spotlight. Let’s save the planet together by planting one tree at the time!

Basic Improvements: In addition to landscaping, you can also do these very simple things to give your home a little extra curb appeal, like painting the front door, improve outdoor lighting, replace the old mailbox or clean the floor with a pressure washing. Do this and it will enhance your property.

We promised you 5 tips but here at Milton Stone we love to over deliver, so here’s a little BONUS TIP:

Have you ever thought of improving the design of your front yard? Adding architectural partitions, stone planters, or even a seating area can add sparkle and make your home stand out from the rest.

Would you like to modernize the exterior of your home? Now is the perfect time to start planning your landscaping project. If you’re looking to refresh your property’s curb appeal, let our experts here at Milton Stone give you some advice. We can work within your budget and help improve your homes curb appeal in a matter of weeks.

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